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Workdry International is a market-leading provider of engineered solutions for the handling and treatment of water and wastewater.

Our Selwood, Siltbuster and Vanderkamp business combined form a UK and European leader in pumping solutions, on-site water treatment, wet waste processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution, delivering an unrivalled range of rapidly deployable solutions.

Workdry provides support to group companies through administration and back-office functions including finance, HR, training and development, and health and safety.

We are committed to excellence in solutions and services, staff training and development, sustainability and diversity, and provide an environment where every team member can thrive and progress to their full potential.

Workdry Group of Companies

Selwood is renowned as the UK’s leader in pump rental and engineered water handling solutions, employing more than 500 staff across a UK-wide branch network. 

Selwood’s teams provide exceptional pumping solutions, equipment and services with a focus on sustainability and workplace safety. Selwood works with many of the UK’s leading utility companies and construction businesses, on a range of applications from straightforward rental to large, complex infrastructure projects.

Selwood’s own pumps, designed and manufactured in the UK, are used throughout its fleet and set the benchmark for quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Siltbuster is the UK’s number one solutions provider for on-site water treatment, wastewater processing and the prevention of waterborne pollution.

With over 20 years’ experience and expertise treating contaminated waters across a wide range of sectors and applications, Siltbuster’s teams have a passion for achieving sustainable and efficient solutions for their clients.

Based in Monmouth, Wales, and operating throughout the UK, Siltbuster provides small footprint, high performance and easy to operate water treatment equipment and solutions that minimise costs and lost time while protecting the environment.

Vanderkamp – The Dutch Water Engineers – has more than 30 years’ experience of delivering water management solutions through state-of-the art engineering.

Based in The Netherlands, Zwolle and Zierikzee, and with a UK pump rental solutions operation, Vanderkamp offers tailor-made solutions for temporary pumping installations in the field of surface water, wastewater, cooling and process water, fire extinguishing water and drinking water.